Jan 31, 2011

Bottles Transformed Into Glasses

San Diego based company BottleHood creates unique glassware out of recycled glass bottles.

Georgia Mom Son Rob Bank

Three teens are facing charges after the mother of one of the boys allegedly checked them out of school so they could help her rob a bank. Police say the teens entered an Atlanta Wells Fargo with a weapon  and took cash.

Chris Brown Attending Grammy

Even though he's nominated for a few Grammy's, singer Chris Brown will not be attending the awards show this year. Brown's reps say his decision has nothing to do with a restraining order against him, stemming from a fight he had with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Lea T Transsexual Model Runway First

Transsexual model, Lea T., has taken her first turn on the runway. She walked in a long, black dress for designer Alexandre Herchcovitch's Fall/Winter show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Brittany Murphy Home Auction

The Hollywood Hills home where Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack died within months of each other is set to be sold at auction on Monday morning.

Julie Powers Schenecker Kids

Florida police say Julie Powers Schenecker admitted to killing her teen son and daughter this week. She shot her son first for 'talking back' while she was driving and then later shot her daughter while she was studying on the computer.

david frye dies

Comic David Frye, whose impressions of Presidents Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson and other prominent political figures vaulted him to popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, has died in Las Vegas, his family confirmed Saturday. He was 77.

Nathan Woods dies

Dirt Rider has learned that off-road racer Nathan Woods passed away today due to injuries resulting from a crash while practicing near Taft, California. The two-time WORCS champion, who had recently signed with Stillwell Performance for the 2011 season, was preparing for this weekend's round of the WORCS series when he reportedly crashed over a jump and suffered internal injuries. Woods was airlifted to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Kacey jordan spears babysitter

One of Charlie Sheen's friends, Kacey Jordan, is claiming that she used to babysit Britney Spears' sons. Jordan says she started dating Spears' ex, Kevin Federline, shortly after the two split and watched the kids while he was going through the divorce.

2011 January viral videos

Some viral videos can be hilarious, while others can cause a nation-wide scandal. But these unexpected snippets of news, home videos, comedy sketches and musical performances that entertain millions have also helped create overnight stars and launched successful careers. 

Gabrielle Giffords shooting

Quotes of the month
The deadly shootings in Arizona that injured U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords -- and reactions to it -- have dominated headlines throughout the month of January.

Jan 30, 2011

Celebrity breakups

Celebrity Breakups
Ryan Reynolds & Rihanna are both single again. Who else is back on the market?

Oh, how we love the drama of celebrity romances -- and we're equally entranced when famous couples call it quits. We saw some jaw-dropping breakups in 2010. As we enter 2011, we thought we'd take a look at the couples who have split in the last month or so.
See if you can name the better half of the couples in question, including:

Egypt's president deputy

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appointed Omar Suleiman the country's' vice president on Saturday morning. It's the first time Mubarak has had a deputy since coming to power decades ago.

Barbra Streisand Seth Rogen

Streisand and Rogen will play mom and son in an upcoming road-trip comedy. The director from the film 'The Proposal' will also direct this movie, which is expected to start shooting in the spring.

Bbruno Mars Guilty

Pop singer Bruno Mars will plead guilty to a charge of possessing cocaine while in Las Vegas last September. As a result of the deal, he will be sentenced to a year of probation, pay a fine, perform community service and attend drug counseling.

Amy Locane bovenizer not guilty

Amy Locane Bovenizer, star of the original 'Melrose Place,' plead not guilty to aggravated manslaughter from a fatal crash last June. The actress hit an elderly couple as they were turning into their driveway, killing one of them.

Eva Longoria dating penelope cruz brother

Eva Longoria's rep is dismissing rumors that the newly-single actress has found love again with Penelope Cruz's younger brother, Eduardo. Speculation started when the two were seen together Christmas Eve morning at Longoria's Los Angeles home.

julie powers schenecker kids

Florida police say Julie Powers Schenecker admitted to killing her teen son and daughter this week. She shot her son first for 'talking back' while she was driving, and then later shot her daughter while she was studying on the computer.

Jesse James' ex wife arrest

Police arrested Janine Lindemulder in Texas for harassing her ex-husband, Jesse James. Lindemulder had multiple warrants out for her arrest, after James turned over threatening and 'abusive' voicemails from his ex-wife.

Jan 29, 2011

Avril Lavigne died snowboard accident

Avril Lavigne is the first celebrity death hoax of 2011. The rocker is rumored to have died in a freak accident.

Unlikely celebrity friendships

Unlikely Celebrity Friendships
Unlikely celebrity friendships
While most celebrity friendships seem like they were made for one another others are utterly unlikely.
Check out the following list of improbable celebrity pals and find out who Jimmy Fallon, Jon Bon Jovi, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Lopez and more call on for advice.

Charlie Sheen checks into rehab

Charlie Sheen voluntarily entered a rehab center for treatment, one day after he was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital. While Sheen goes through recovery, his hit sitcom is being put on hiatus.

Billionaires Caucus

Billionaires Charles and David Koch and their wealthy Republican friends are meeting at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Palm Springs, Calif., today. The brothers are reportedly the organizers, and the gathering likely will be met with protests.

Not so 'Real' housewives

From "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and "New York City" to shows about the wives of sports stars and rock stars, one thing is clear: Reality television should be taken with a grain of salt. Most of the women aren't actually married.

Doc auctions tickets to surgery

Dr. Charlie Teo, an Australian surgeon, auctioned off the opportunity to watch him operate on cancer patients. The idea met with strong disapproval from a fellow doctor. But Teo defends the practice.

White House intern on ‘Idol’

White House intern American Idol show contestant. White House intern Molly DeWolf Swensen showed up for her American Idol audition. The show was in Milwaukee on Wednesday with Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson.

Text message sets off suicide bomb

A "Black Widow" suicide bomber planned a terrorist attack in central Moscow on New Year's Eve but was killed when an unexpected text message set off her bomb too early, according to Russian security sources.

Professor accused defacing colleague’s door

A California university professor videotaped urinating on a colleague's office door may be a scholar, but he's no gentleman, prosecutors say.

Tihomir Petrov, a 43-year-old math instructor at California State University, Northridge, has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of urinating in a public place, prosecutors said.

Text message sets off suicide bomb

A Russian woman, who died when her bomb detonated early, may have been killed when she received a "Happy New Year" text message. The woman planned the blast near Red Square on New Year's Eve, but the text triggered the bomb to go off early.

New smuggling ploy catapults

Drug smugglers are now using "drug catapults" as a way to move marijuana across the border from Mexico to Arizona. Officers discovered two catapults in two different areas in Mexico, one of which was capable of launching several pounds of pot.

Green School in Bali Indonesia

Green School in Bali Indonesia

Famous escapes

The Famous Escapes

As long as there have been ways to incarcerate people whether behind bars or through immoral ownership there have been escapes. Some are unsuccessful, such as the recent case of a 20-year-old man who jumped out of a moving police car, pictured here. And others are daring and brave and are among some of the most famous escapes in history.

Jan 28, 2011

Comedian Charlie Callas dies

Callas, who was a regular on the “The Tonight Show” , has died in a Las Vegas hospice. He was 83. Callas had a screen part in “The Big Mouth” , and he toured with famous singers.Charlie Callas, a rubber-faced comedian who cavorted on television and the nightclub circuit in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, often punctuating punch lines with sound effects emanating from his motormouth, died on Thursday in Las Vegas. He was 83.

Daughter held in mom’s run-over death

A woman is being held by Dallas police  after an argument with her mom allegedly got out of control. Police say a neighbor reported seeing her run over her mom with her car. Police say the incident could be downgraded.

Crash reveals injured man in trunk

A man who police say was trying to sell his dark blue BMW M3 was in critical condition after a purported buyer made off with it.  The alleged car thief hit a cab  and ran away; police investigating the incident opened the trunk.  They are looking for this man.

Diddy sued for $1 trillion

The rapper  reportedly is being sued for $1 trillion by a woman who claims he date-raped her.  The disaster at the World Trade Center  also figures into her lawsuit.

Obama nominates openly gay lawyer as U.S. Judge

President Obama chose J. Paul Oetken to be a federal judge in Manhattan, New York.  If confirmed by the Senate, Oetken could become the first openly gay man to serve on the federal bench in the United States.

CHiPs star sentenced

Larry Wilcox , who played a California Highway Patrol officer on the ‘70s series , received three years probation. Wilcox (who was his co-star?) was accused of conspiring to commit securities fraud.

'Facts of Life' star comes out in new memoir

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Geri Jewell , reveals that she is a lesbian in her new memoir.  The actress made history by being the first disabled person  to have a recurring role in prime-time television.

Year in recalls

The year in recalls

January 2011 recalls

January 2011 recalls

P. Diddy & $900B lawsuit

A woman probably not in the best mental health is suing P. Diddy for $900 billion dollars, because allegedly Diddy, the mother of his children, Kim Porter, and Rodney King “knocked down” the World Trade Center and “then they all came and knocked my children down." It gets more

White House intern on ‘Idol’

White House intern Molly DeWolf Swenson auditioned for 'American Idol' recently. While waiting for her audition Molly was accidentally hit in the face by an 'idol' judge.

PETA’s newest naked celeb

Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson has become the latest celebrity to strip for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She reportedly decided to do the ad after watching a documentary about animals on fur farms.

Challenger disaster remembered

NASA will mark the 25th anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger explosion on Friday, a disaster which claimed the lives of seven astronauts. Jon Decker reports.

Taco Bell fights back

Taco Bell is a target of a class action lawsuit aimed at the chain’s beef product. What’s at issue? To combat the allegations, the chain has taken out full page ads in some of the nation’s biggest newspapers  and has released a YouTube video to explain its product.

Most arrogant songs

Most Arrogant Songs Ever

Artists are supposed to have swagger. But sometimes they take it way out of hand. Here's our list of most arrogant music videos ever. Judge for yourself on who could use a big heaping of humble pie.

Celebrities who dropped big pounds

  Celebrities who dropped big pounds


Then and wow! Former "American Idol" contestant and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson recently revealed a whole new -- and lighter -- look. She isn't the only star who's transformed herself by losing a staggering amount of weight.

Crazy weird arrests prison sentences

Crazy Weird Arrests Prison Sentences

From having to spend the night homeless, being forbidden to have a girlfriend, robbing a store in drag to the longest prison sentence, check out these outrageous arrests and unusual sentences handed down by judges.

Stars hot and over 50

Gorgeous and over 50

Over a half-century old doesn’t mean what it used to, and these celebrities are proof that you can still have sex appeal when you hit retirement age. For them, another year older means hitting award shows and landing new movie roles.