Mar 31, 2012

Canada Stop Pennies

Canada Stop Pennies, Lawmakers in Canada have decided it makes little sense - or cents - to continue making the 1-cent coin. Canada's Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, announced the penny's demise during his 2012 budget speech Thursday.

Veteran Filmmaker Schoendoerffer

Veteran Filmmaker Schoendoerffer, Pierre Schoendoerffer (5 May 1928 – 14 March 2012) was a French film director, a screenwriter, a writer, a war reporter, a war cameraman, a renowned First Indochina War veteran, a cinema academician. He was president of the Académie des Beaux-Arts for 2001 and for 2007

In 1967, he was the winner of the Academy Award for Documentary Feature for The Anderson Platoon. The film followed a platoon of American soldiers for six weeks at the height of fighting in Vietnam during 1966.

Mattel Bald Barbie Cancer Victims Inspirational Campaign

Mattel Bald Barbie Cancer Victims Inspirational Campaign, A campaign to create an all-new Barbie kickstarted by the plight of a four-year-old girl who had lost her hair during cancer treatment has inspired Mattel to manufacture a bald version of the famously blonde fashion doll.

But she won't be available in stores.

The doll, who will be a friend of Barbie, will be distributed exclusively to hospitals treating children with cancer throughout the U.S. and Canada, according to Mattel.

The announcement comes after a Facebook group called 'Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let's see if we can get it made', urged the company to produce the toy in effort to reach girls most affected by hair-loss.

Credit Card Data Theft New York City Taxi Firm Parking Garage Massive Credit Card Data Theft Affected 10MILLION People

Credit Card Data Theft New York City Taxi Firm Parking Garage Massive Credit Card Data Theft Affected 10MILLION People, New York City 'taxi firm or parking garage behind massive credit card data theft' that affected up to 10MILLION people

  • Visa and Mastercard in process of contacting effected customers
  • Breach blamed on third-party processor
  • Data likely collected from New York taxi company
  • Security experts believe data is already being used
  • Customers urged to check their online statements

Credit behemoths Visa and Mastercard were scrambling yesterday to track down the third party processor that stole credit card data from as many as ten million customers.

The stolen data has now been linked to a New York City taxicab or parking-garage company, which has access to millions of credit card numbers.

Katrina Darrell Arrested

Katrina Darrell Arrested, Katrina Darrell -- the chick who famously auditioned for "American Idol" in a bikini back in 2009 -- was arrested this morning for DUI ... TMZ has learned.

According to Pomona PD Sgt. Patrick O'Malley, the 24-year-old singer ... also known as "Bikini Girl" ... was arrested in Los Angeles at 12:16 AM ... with her mother in the passenger seat.

Darrell allegedly told police she was en route to a nearby hospital ... because her mom had fallen down at home.

Rosie O'Donnell Miami Mansion

Rosie O'Donnell Miami Mansion, Rosie O’Donnell’s Miami Beach house has been put on the market just 11 days after it was announced her chat show was to be axed.

The comedienne television host has listed her mansion on Star Island for a $19,500,000 after originally buying her pad for $6,750,000 in 1999.

The 50-year-old’s property is more than 11,000 square feet in size and is situated on a 48,266 plot of land with 203 linear foot of a southeast-facing waterfront view.

Celebrity Deaths March 2012

Celebrity Deaths March 2012, In March we lost many beloved figures, including a veteran-turned-filmmaker and Olivia Newton John's first love. Scroll down to read about those who passed away.

Octomom 8000

Octomom 8000
Octomom 8000, The mother of 14 says she’s not ‘ashamed’ she posed in racy, naked pictures because she needs the money for her family!

On the March 30 episode of Anderson, Octomom Nadya Suleman tells Anderson Cooper the surprisingly low amount she was paid to pose semi-nude in scandalous pics for the British magazine Closer.

Top 10 Fattest Cities

Top 10 Fattest Cities, America's top 10 fattest cities have been revealed in a study highlighting the nation's obesity epidemic.

McAllen-Edinburg-Mission in Texas, near the Mexican border, is the most overweight with an obesity rate of 38.8 per cent.

It was followed by Binghamton, New York, with a rate of 37.6 per cent, and Huntington, West Virginia, where 36 per cent of residents are obese, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

Taliban In Drag

Taliban In Drag, U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan have assigned 'guardian angels' - troops who watch over their comrades even as they sleep - as part of a series of increased security measures to protect troops against possible rogue attacks.

The added protections are part of a directive issued in recent weeks by Marine General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, to guard against insider threats.

And they come in the wake of a spike in attacks on U.S. and coalition forces by Afghans, including the point-blank shooting deaths of two U.S. advisers in Afghanistan's Ministry of Interior.

Mar 30, 2012

Should You Join Pinterest

Should You Join Pinterest, Should Your Business Be on Pinterest? [INFOGRAPHIC]It seems like everyone’s jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon. But is the latest social media darling a place for your business?

Many companies — including retailers, media outlines and travel brands — have found a place on Pinterest.

Marketers, though, should be careful not to haphazardly join Pinterest without a strategy. Success on the site is highly dependent on posting visually stimulating, marketing-free content and catering to a mature female consumers.

Anne Hathaway $58 Million

Anne Hathaway $58 Million, She is one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses and lives a very privileged lifestyle that 99 per cent of people can only dream of.

Still, Anne Hathaway acted as an average Joe and accompanied hundreds of protestors as she joined the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Manhattan's Union Square.

Real Life Batman Lamborghini

Real Life Batman Lamborghini, Even with his genius-level intellect, the Dark Knight can make simple mistakes – like not properly attaching licenses to his Batmobile.

A man dressed in full Batman regalia was pulled over earlier this week after police saw he had no tags on his black Lamborghini.

The man, identified as Lenny B. Robinson, was heading to a local children’s hospital, according to Montgomery County Captain Paul Starks.

Watch Batman Lamborghini Video:

Kate McKinnon Joins 'SNL'

Kate McKinnon joins 'SNL' Comedian Kate McKinnon will join "Saturday Night Live" as a featured player as early as next weekend's Sofia Vergara-hosted episode, Deadline is reporting. McKinnon will be the show's first out lesbian to join the cast since the late Danitra Vance was cast in 1985.

A regular performer with the Upright Citizens Brigade, McKinnon also starred on the first three seasons of the Rosie O'Donnell-produced "Big Gay Sketch Show." You may also recognize her from the 2010 web series Vag Magazine, in which she and other comedians run a fictional third-wave feminist magazine.

Boulder 125 Square Foot Home

Boulder 125 Square Foot Home, Could you live in only 125 square feet? That's exactly what a Boulder, Colo. couple are doing now that they have completed building their brand new, tiny home from scratch.

Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller spent 10 months building all 125 square feet of their dream home and documented the entire experience on their blog, on Facebook and in a short documentary about tiny homes titled, "TINY: A Story About Living Small."

Smith and Mueller speak about their inspiration to build a tiny home in their Kickstarter video, a campaign they used to help raise money to cover the costs of post-production for the "TINY" documentary.

Bobby Brown Jail Charged Dui Suspended License

Bobby Brown Jail

Bobby Brown Jail Charged Dui Suspended License

Bobby Brown's back in trouble.

On Wednesday, two days after his Monday arrest in suburban Los Angeles, the R&B singer, 43, was charged with three misdemeanor charges -- two DUI-related, and a third for driving with a suspended license.

According to, the "My Prerogative" singer had a blood alcohol level of over .08 percent; the California Highway Patrol reported that Brown failed a field sobriety test when pulled over by an office.

Carson Daly Apologizes for Jetblue

Carson Daly Jetblue

Carson Daly Apologizes for Jetblue

Referencing headlines about a pilot's mid-air meltdown on a Vegas-bound flight, the host of NBC's "The Voice" had joked: “With my luck, it would be like ... 'this is the flight going to [the gay pride parade] in San Francisco.'"

Carson Daly has apologized for making offensive jokes during a discussion about a pilot's meltdown on a flight to Las Vegas.

Gisele Bundchen Lingerie Available In Latin America, Portugal, Israel And Japan

Gisele Bundchen Lingerie Available In Latin America, Portugal, Israel And Japan

Gisele Bundchen has become the richest and beautiful supermodel as her lingerie become popular globally and her intimates available in Latin America, Portugal, Japan, and Israel.

The supermodel has not such income that she becomes richest but her willing to become a millionaire thanks to the business that is being lived, and she becomes billionaire from her bra and lingerie.
Bundchen,31-year-old woman is also expanding its efforts to penetrate the world.

She began her first collection in May she was a model of its own product and she is with a variety of projects ranging from a pink satin and black to the side and swinging.

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom Divorce

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom Divorce, A report has come out of Hollywood Life that says reality star Khloe Kardashian and NBA husband Lamar Odom are having problems since their move to Dallas. Hilariously, the insider source says it's because in Dallas, they have to spend so much time together. The source says:

Canada's Most Dangerous City

Canada's Most Dangerous City, Gang wars, drug abuse and a serial killer guaranteed Prince George, B.C., the top spot. Most days, after Doug Leslie is back from work at the molybdenum mine in tiny Fraser Lake, B.C., he sits at his computer and writes a chatty little note to his 15-year-old daughter Loren. It’s a catch-up on the day, and maybe a bleat about those times he pulls the night shift, or about the cold of a northern B.C. winter, or about how quickly days fly by now that he shoulders the destiny Loren has inspired. “Loren, can you do anything about this weather?” he asked her recently. “It’s snowing and I hate winter, it’s cold and damp, and you are not here to warm up the room.” Invariably, he tells Loren how much he misses her, before signing off, “Love Dad.”

Mar 28, 2012

Christie Brinkley's Ex Peter Cook Slams TV Interview

Christie Brinkley's Ex Peter Cook Slams TV Interview

On Tuesday morning, Peter Cook was among the millions tuning in as his ex, Christie Brinkley, spoke to Matt Lauer on the "Today" show about their seriously ugly divorce battle.

Giving her first TV interview about the dispute four years since it began, the 58-year-old supermodel accused Cook, 53, of "character assassination" and said tearfully, "I just want peace. And every time I have any joy or any kind of success in anything, he has to try to destroy it."

Amish Buggy Bill

Amish Buggy Bill

A bill to provide an alternative for Amish buggy drivers who object to using bright safety triangles on their vehicles was approved Tuesday by the House and is headed to Gov. Steve Beshear.

Senate Bill 75 was approved by a vote of 75-21.

Rep. Johnny Bell, D-Glasgow, who had sponsored similar legislation in the House, said the Senate version had only “minute differences,” including permitting the use of one-inch-wide white or silver tape instead of the two-inch white tape authorized by the House bill, and he recommended its passage.

Octomom Nadya Suleman Poses Topless

Octomom Nadya Suleman Poses Topless

Her octuplets have just turned three, so what better occasion to show off her post-baby body and pose topless.

Dubbed "octomom" after giving birth to eight babies in 2009, Nadya Suleman has apparently pinged back into shape and wants everyone to know about it.

But although she’s become a hate figure in her native America for choosing to have the babies through IVF – despite the fact she was already struggling as a single mother-of-six – her photo shoot for Closer magazine shows she’s no shrinking violet.

Mega Millions March 27 2012

Mega Millions March 27 2012, Monster Mega Millions draw comes and goes with no winner. Anyone interested in half a billion dollars?

You may get your chance Friday, as there was no winner of the Mega Millions jackpot Tuesday, according to the Mega Millions website. The numbers drawn Tuesday were 9-19-34-44-51, and the Mega number was 24.

March 2012 Celebrity Quotes

March 2012 celebrity quotes, This month brought us Cinderella stories and solemn remembrances, personal triumphs and public humiliations. Keep reading to see the other headline-grabbing stories that made for a memorable March.

Mar 27, 2012

Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber

Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber, The woman who threw a bag of flour on Kim Kardashian has now been identified as an anti-fur activist who has ties to PETA, according to

While attending an event to promote her new perfume Thursday, Kardashian was pelted with white powder on the red carpet. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the woman who allegedly threw the bag was detained by hotel security and later released at the scene. Kardashian, who refused medical treatment, told deputies that she did not want to press charges and a non-criminal battery report was taken.

George Stroumboulopoulos Boyfriend

George Stroumboulopoulos Boyfriend, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight is a Canadian television talk show broadcast on CBC Television and hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos. Originally known as The Hour from 2005 to 2010, it first aired on January 17, 2005.

The program is currently initially broadcast on CBC Television at 11:05 p.m. local time (11:35 p.m. in Newfoundland). Until 2009, The Hour was seen Monday to Friday at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBC Newsworld; the program was discontinued on that channel in October 2009, when CBC Newsworld was revamped as the CBC News Network.

Girlfriend To Marry French Soldier

Girlfriend To Marry French Soldier

The pregnant girlfriend of one of the French paratroopers murdered by Mohamed Merah is to be allowed to marry him posthumously, the family's lawyer Gilbert Gollard said on Friday.

"We have just obtained from the Elysee (President Nicolas Sarkozy's office) the authorisation for Abel Chennouf's girlfriend to marry posthumously," Collard said.

Chennouf was one of two paratroopers shot dead in garrison town Montauban by self-confessed Al Qaida militant Merah during his killing spree in Southwestern France before he was shot dead by police on Thursday.

Extreme Hoop Skirts

Extreme Hoop Skirts

There are two enduring wedding clichés: All brides are beautiful, and all bridesmaid dresses are ugly, unless it’s Pippa’s. But some bridesmaid dresses go beyond ugly to truly hideous. We’ve assembled a small collection of dresses that are sure to make you cringe. See if you can guess which movie or TV show they are from, or which stars are wearing them.

Mar 26, 2012

Renee Graziano Breakdown

Renee Graziano Breakdown

November 21, 2011, was definitely a low point for Mob Wives star Renee Graziano. First, her ex-husband Hector "Junior" Pagan (with whom she'd recently reconciled) turned himself over to authorities for armed robbery and brandishing a weapon in a 2009 incident; hours later, her dad, reputed crime boss Anthony "TG" Graziano, was arrested for extortion and other charges.

Anna Faris And Mean Tweets

Anna Faris And Mean Tweets

Anna Faris, Will Ferrell and Kristen Bell read mean Tweets about themselves

To celebrate the six year anniversary of Twitter, Jimmy Kimmel had celebrities read aloud some of the Tweets they've received on the micro blogging site.

"One of the interesting things about Twitter is that it connects celebrities to their fans and vice-versa," Kimmel said on his show on March 21. "Many celebrities actually do the Tweeting themselves which means pretty much any time you like, you can send a message to them, and unless it's someone like Justin Bieber who has 18 million followers, they will probably read it. Your message goes directly into their computer or into their pocket which can be good and it can also be bad."

Madonna Twitter

Madonna Twitter

To kick off the release of her new album, Madonna is joining Twitter for one day to answer questions from fans.

The pop legend will be turning to Twitter on Monday night to promote her 12th studio album, MDNA, and interact with fans on the popular social network. She will be answering questions starting at 10:00 p.m. EST/7:00 p.m. PST.

Justin Bieber Boyfriend

Justin Bieber Boyfriend

Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' Single Is 'Definitely Edgier'
Producer/songwriter tells MTV News the 'sexier' track, which drops Monday, will 'definitely surprise people.'
Justin Bieber is days away from dropping his lead Believe single, "Boyfriend," and its early buzz grew even louder on Wednesday when Bieber released the lyrics for the track. While fans will have to wait until Monday to hear the song, MTV News got a little bit of a tease from one of the guys who worked with the teen sensation on the track.

Reese Witherspoon Giddy Husband

Reese Witherspoon Giddy Husband

Reese Witherspoon, at the premiere of Twentieth Century Fox's 'This Means War' held at the Grauman Chinese Theatre Hollywood, California

Reese Witherspoon reportedly told her children of her intention to have another baby.

On Wednesday (March 21), it was reported Witherspoon is pregnant with her third child. The This Means War actress allegedly spoke to her two children - Ava, 12, and Deacon, 8 - before making the decision to have a baby with husband Jim Toth.

Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus

“Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth loves the fun-loving side of his girlfriend Miley Cyrus, but he’s growing increasingly concerned with some of her racy behavior, according to a new report from Us magazine.

Once a Disney star known for her wholesome image and role on “Hannah Montana,” Cyrus’ style has become increasingly racy and her performances have become quite provocative.

Roy Williams Tar Heels Hurting

Roy Williams Tar Heels Hurting, North Carolina men’s basketball coach Roy Williams had been in this position before. More times than he would care to count, in fact.

But this time was a little different. Instead of crying alone at the podium after another heartbreaking NCAA Tournament loss, the always-emotional and ever-sappy Williams had company following Sunday’s 80-67, Elite Eight loss to Kansas University at the Edward Jones Dome.

Hunger Games Box Office Sales

Hunger Games Box Office Sales

"The Hunger Games," the action thriller from Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (LGF), collected $155 million in weekend sales in the U.S. and Canada, a record opening for the company and for the month of March.

The film, about teenagers battling to the death on live television, opened in 4,137 theaters, Box-Office said yesterday in an e-mailed statement. The sales total marked the third-biggest weekend ever, behind 2011's "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" and 2008's "The Dark Knight."

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

There's one for mothers, fathers, Pi and even leftovers. If you've always wanted to claim a day as your own holiday, you can on March 26. It's another fun holiday idea from the folks that love to make up their own odd holidays, Wellcat. "This is a day you may name for whatever you wish Reach for the stars!" Wellcat advises.

Madeleine Albright Sold Bras

Madeleine Albright Sold Bras

Madeleine Korbelová Albright born May 15, 1937 is the first woman to become a United States Secretary of State. She was appointed by U.S. President Bill Clinton on December 5, 1996, and was unanimously confirmed by a U.S. Senate vote of 99–0. She was sworn in on January 23, 1997.

Albright now serves as a Professor of International Relations at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service. Her PhD is from Columbia University.

Amy Adams Hooters Waitress

Amy Adams Hooters Waitress

Who knew? Amy Adams, now a super mega star, is an alum of the sexy restaurant chain, Hooters!

Other famous Hooter waitresses include Holly Madison (former Girls Next Door star and Hef’s ex), Samantha Burke (actress and Jude Law’s baby mama), Katrina Darrell (the über irritating “bikini girl” from American Idol auditions), Vienna Girardi (the Bachelor), Leann Tweeden (model), and Cori Rist (one of Tiger’s “lady friends”), reports Perez Hilton.

Mar 25, 2012

Novak Djokovic 60 Minutes World No. 1

Novak Djokovic 60 Minutes World No. 1

Novak Djokovic 60 Minutes World No. 1, World No. 1-ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic advanced to the semifinals last weekend in the BNP Paribas Open before falling to American John Isner.

Now Djokovic will be profiled Sunday night on “60 Minutes”. Djokovic and correspondent Bob Simon visit Djokovic’s homeland in Belgrade, and discuss how the war helped shape Djokovic into the tennis champion he is today. The broadcast is from 7-8 p.m. Sunday on CBS.

Aretha Franklin And 70th Birthday

Aretha Franklin And 70th Birthday

Aretha Franklin has been celebrating her 70th birthday with the news she will reunite with one of her music mentors, Clive Davis, for a new album.

Aretha Franklin has been celebrating her 70th birthday with the news she will reunite with one of her music mentors, Clive Davis, for a new album.

Aretha told Associated Press at her birthday party in New York that she and Davis will be working on music once again. Davis helped engineer Franklin's comeback in the 1980s. The music mogul was one of her guests at the party.

Mar 23, 2012

How much does it cost to make a penny Canada

How much does it cost to make a penny Canada

The raw materials - about a quid for a sheet of enriched alloy. Then there's engravers - £8.90 per hour at a rate of ten pennies per hour - that's 89 pence. Then there's cutting and hardening - metallurgist rate of £15 per hour at a rate of three man hours for 100 pennies - that's 45pence. Then there's inspection, £20 per hour for ten pennies an hour - that's £2 a penny. Then there's anti-forgery department inspections - £30 per hour at a rate of ten pennies per hour - that's £3 per penny. Then security van dispatch at £1 per £1,000,000 per mile, at roughly 60 miles to all the first-point of source financial societies - that's £60. So that's approximately £67.34.
In Canada, a penny is a coin worth one cent or ⅟100 of a dollar. According to the Royal Canadian Mint, the official national term of the coin is the "one-cent piece", but in practice the term penny or cent is universal. Originally, "penny" referred to a two-cent coin. When the two-cent coin was discontinued, penny took over as the new one-cent coin's name. Penny was likely readily adopted because the previous coinage in Canada (up to 1858) was the British monetary system, where Canada used British pounds, shillings, and pence as coinage alongside U.S. decimal coins and Spanish milled dollars.

Whitney Houston Cause Of Death

Whitney Houston Cause Of Death, Whitney Houston died from an accidental drowning in a hotel bathtub, but the "effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use" were contributing factors in her death, the Los Angeles County coroner said in an initial autopsy report released Thursday.

Houston, 48, was "found submerged in bathtub filled with water" and "no trauma or foul play is suspected," the coroner said in a one-page release.

Her cocaine use appeared to have occurred "in the time period just immediately prior to her collapse in the bathtub at the hotel," Chief Coroner Craig Harvey told reporters.

NCAA Winners Last Night Marquette

NCAA Winners Last Night Marquette

Bradley Beal made somewhat of a sheepish grin at the question. Was this your best game, the Florida freshman was asked.
He guessed so. Whatever bit of uncertainty the Gators’ best player had in answering that was missing from his teammates and coaches.

Andrea Kelly R. Kelly's Wife

Andrea Kelly R. Kelly's Wife

VH1 Orders Series About Hollywood Ex-Wives
'Hollywood Exes' to follow ex-wives of Eddie Murphy, Prince, R. Kelly, more

Hollywood ex-wives surely have stories to tell, and now five of them will have their own TV series.

VH1 said Wednesday that it is creating "Hollywood Exes," a one-hour series that will air this summer. Featured players are the ex-wives of Eddie Murphy, Prince, R. Kelly, Will Smith and Jose Canseco.

Jenna Louise Coleman Dr.Who

Jenna Louise Coleman Dr.Who, It's been confirmed that young actress Jenna-Louise Coleman will be Doctor Who's new assistant.

Following in the footsteps of stunning flame-haired Karen Gillan, we think Jenna has exactly what it takes to exterminate critics and show what she's made of! She'll debut in the 2012 Christmas special, according to The Radio Times.

Megan Piper Banned from Prom

Megan Piper Banned from Prom, A porn star who agreed to be a Minnesota high school student's prom date is banned from attending the dance.

Fed up with receiving rejections from his female classmates, 18-year-old Mike Stone took to Twitter to ask adult film stars if they would accompany him.

After more than 600 tweets, Mike received a provisional 'yes' from porn star Megan Piper - on the condition that he paid for her air fare from Los Angeles to Oakdale, Minnesota.

Sandusky And Charges

Sandusky And Charges, Disgraced former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky said in December at a preliminary hearing in Bellefonte, Pa. that he and his defense team would "stay the course for four full quarters," a reference to his legal strategy in the wake of 52 charges of sexual abuse of 10 boys over a 15-year period.

Sandusky's attorney, Joseph Amendola, waged a fourth-quarter blitz, filing a motion Thursday in the Court of Common Pleas of Centre County (Pa.) asking that all 52 charges be dismissed. He argued in the filing that many of the counts contain "non-specific allegations," that the statute of limitations has expired with regard to eight alleged victims' allegations and that the prosecution has failed to turn over enough information for Sandusky to adequately prepare for his defense.

Mike Sorrentino Rehab

Mike Sorrentino Rehab, He admitted he is in rehab for prescription drugs, but Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino is also undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction, it has been claimed.

It could pose a huge problem for the Jersey Shore star, who is said to be keen to return to his partying lifestyle when heads back to Seaside Heights in New Jersey this summer. reports that the 29-year-old went through an alcohol detox before enterting the Cirque Lodge in Utah.


First welfare mother to serve in Congress

First welfare mother to serve in Congress

, Lynn C. Woolsey (born November 3, 1937) is the U.S. Representative for California's 6th congressional district, serving since 1993. She is a member of the Democratic Party. The district includes all of Marin County and most of Sonoma County. She is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and as of 2010 its co-chair. Woolsey, who described herself as "the first former welfare mother to serve in Congress," is one of two members of the House to have been on welfare; the other is Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI).

Mar 22, 2012

Invasive Species Canada

Invasive Species Canada, From parasites to crabs and living slime affectionately dubbed "rock snot," invasive species can wreak havoc when introduced into a new habitat. The U.S. administration is taking steps to fight one of the worst offenders, the Asian carp, pledging $50 million US in 2012 to keep them out of the Great Lakes.

Norway Rats Alberta

Norway Rats Alberta, Abstract: Since 1950, Alberta Agriculture has supervised and co-ordinated a rural-based Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) control program that has essentially kept the province rat-free. Success is achieved by eliminating invading rats within a control zone 600 km long and 30 km wide along the eastern border of the province. A systematic detection and eradication system is used throughout the zone to keep rat infestations to a minimum. Strong public support and, citizen participation was developed through public education and a sound awareness effort. Although rat infestations within the interior are minor, a rat response plan is in place to deal with a large or difficult case. Government preparedness, legislation, climate, geography, effective rat baits and close co-operation between provincial and municipal governments have contributed to program success.

Possums In Canada

Possums In Canada, The Possum, or Virginia Opossum, is not native to this part of Southern Ontario, but began to arrive here several decades ago, from the USA, and appears to be breeding successfully in this area.

One of the most interesting sites I have found that gives lots of information is The Possum Pages which has everything you might want to know about this, the only North American marsupial.

The Opossum of North America is a different species than it's Australian cousin, although, both are marsupials which means that they give birth to babies at a very early stage of development.

Mar 21, 2012

Jason Donovan Hair Transplant

Jason Donovan Hair Transplant, After Wayne Rooney publicly told the world he had undergone a hair transplant, the stigma associated with the surgery has been lessened for other men.

The latest celebrity to confess to having the procedure is none other than Jason Donovan.

The 43-year-old owned up to the fact after he was grilled extensively by Piers Morgan during an interview, and said 'he'd done a Rooney'.

The former Neighbours star was under pressure when being filmed for Piers Morgan's Life Stories and told the studio audience on Saturday night about his treatment.

S Club 7 Reuniting For Tour, Album

S Club 7 Reuniting For Tour, Album, First there was Take That, then Steps and now it looks like S Club 7 are the latest band to join the reunion bandwagon.

It was claimed this morning that the band, who had hits in the nineties with tracks including Don't Stop Moving and Bring It All Back, have signed a new record deal.

According to the Daily Mirror, Hannah Spearritt, Paul Cattermole, Jo O'Meara, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee and Bradley McIntosh are also planning a massive new tour together.

$290 Million Mega Millions

$290 Million Mega Millions, Mega Millions' upcoming jackpot is one of the biggest ever -- $290 million -- and it's just going to get bigger in advance of Friday's drawing.

No single ticket hit all the numbers in Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing, which is driving up the jackpot. Right now, the jackpot is at $290 million. If it were to stay there, it would go down in history as the eighth-largest haul since the game of chance began in 1996.

But you can expect the Mega Millions jackpot to rise over the next three days as the country flocks to bodegas, 7-11s, gas stations and supermarkets with dollar bills in hand, dreaming of hitting it big.

Sweden Cash Free

Sweden Cash Free, Sweden Could Be First Country To Go Cash Free: Sweden was the first European country to introduce bank notes in 1661. Now it's come farther than most on the path toward getting rid of them.

"I can't see why we should be printing bank notes at all anymore," says Bjoern Ulvaeus, former member of 1970's pop group ABBA, and a vocal proponent for a world without cash.

The contours of such a society are starting to take shape in this high-tech nation, frustrating those who prefer coins and bills over digital money.

Latisse Low Birth Weights Miscarriage

Latisse Low Birth Weights Miscarriage, In studies on the active ingredient in Latisse and pregnancy, serious problems occurred when the drug was given to pregnant animals, such as miscarriages, fetal death, and low birth weights. However, it is unclear whether these problems would occur in humans. If you become pregnant while using it, your healthcare provider will weigh the benefits and potential risks before making a recommendation.